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We believe in data

When one thinks of marketing, one thinks of results. This is in line with what Young Metrics has in mind: getting results through online marketing. With a combined young team of experienced online marketing experts and enthusiastic newcomers, a ultimate strategy has been set up, with which you will achieve results in the long term. Online marketing is a process that requires constant pulling of strings. Our specialists are constantly on top of your case, to generate optimal online returns.

70% of Dutch people are on Facebook, so your customers are too. Using the Facebook algorithm and our Facebook Scaling experts, we ensure that we put your company on the screen of your customers.

We have helped countless companies achieve results via Facebook through our scaling campaigns. We also have the right Facebook Marketing approach ready for you. Our Facebook Experts are ready to give your business a boost!

Leverage the channel with the highest Return On Investment with segmented emails and funnels! Completely automated.

Email is a powerful and effective marketing tool and investing in it is therefore definitely worthwhile. Are you using email marketing correctly? Then you bind your (potential) customers and increase your turnover at the same time. And let's face it: what could be better than generating more turnover from your current, satisfied customer base?

Google Ads

Young Metrics can help you start, optimize and stimulate sales to your online store. We specialize in working with Shopify, WooCommerce and other online store options.

We can post professional content or your products, advertise on social media and rank your keyword at the top of the Google search engine. Schedule a time to speak with an expert today to leverage our expertise in your store.

Website Design

Also a website like Young Metrics? A conversion optimized website is of great importance in Online Marketing.

The design is the first thing your customer sees. A good design ensures many conversions, so your company can grow. Without good design you are nowhere. Therefore, always ensure a beautiful design for your company website.

Pinterest. It is the up and coming social media channel of today. Whether they are fashion, travel or home interior products;

You will find your customers on Pinterest! Because it is in the growth phase, the costs are relatively much lower. Wondering if Pinterest is something for you? Let one of our experts look at your case.

Every day people visit content websites such as news and journalism websites. People trust advertisements that they see more quickly and easily.

Studies have shown that visitor engagement with native advertising is 9 times greater than with traditional display formats. This leads to faster clicks, resulting in more purchases. Would you also like to see your own advertisement the next time you are on Telegraaf? Contact us today!

Reporting & Analytics

Your company has statistics that are important to you, we give you your key performance indicators monthly based on targeted reports that are easy to understand.

Our reporting and analytics process includes simplified reporting, tracking and measurable metrics that help you determine your next marketing move with a few key insights.

TikTok has quickly become one of the largest social media platforms in the world. As a result, they have managed to create a large network to reach millions of people within your niche! With the right strategy you can ensure that your company goes viral. Who wouldn't want this?

By advertising on TikTok, you can reach a young, energetic audience that loves to share great content. But with such a new marketing platform, it can be difficult to know how to use it effectively. We are here to help.

Content design answers a user's need in the best way so that the user can consume it.It helps your user get that content when they need it, in the language and the format in which they need it.

Content design is not just a technique to help you produce better content, it is a new way of thinking about content.At Young Metrics we create the best content that suits your target group!

Our online marketing cases

Seeing is believing? Inspire and inform yourself with our online marketing cases or view some below: