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People use Pinterest every day to get ideas, among other things. Each one looking for inspiration. Additionally, many people see Pinterest as an important source when making purchasing decisions. Your customers are among them! As a company, you want to take the opportunity to be identified at an early stage during the customer journey.
Have your Pinterest campaign carried out by Young Metrics. Using the Pinterest algorithm and our Pinterest experts, we ensure that we put your company on the screen of your customers. We have helped countless companies achieve results through Pinterest through our scaling campaigns. We also have the right Pinterest strategy approach ready for you. Our Pinterest Experts are ready to give your business a boost!

Whether it is e-commerce, an app or a local business; Pinterest is the place to reach your ideal customers at an early stage and initiate action. This is in line with what Young Metrics has in mind: direct results . With a smart strategy, we only spend media budget on a group of people who are interesting for your company. We do this, among other things, by:


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How do we proceed?

View our working method here:

step 01

We set goals and a marketing plan

step 01

We start with A/B testing and warming up the pixel

step 02

We optimize the campaigns so that we spend every marketing euro optimally

step 04

We analyze the data and scale your business to a higher level

step 05

We continue to optimize, analyze and scale with targeted reporting

step 06

We optimize the campaigns so that we spend every marketing euro optimally

our online marketing cases

Seeing is believing? Inspire and inform yourself with our Online Marketing Cases or view some below.

The cycle of conversion optimization

Test Fase

We start from different marketing angles and test with the lowest possible budget! We collect data in the most efficient way possible.

optimization phase

After we have found your ideal customers, we optimize all factors so that we achieve your goals with razor-sharp targeting and winning creatives.

scale phase

Using multiple models based on econometrics, we scale your campaigns to the ceiling while keeping the return on ad spend as high as possible!

targeted reports

We ensure that you have full insight into the results achieved through clear reports.

Want to advertise on Pinterest?

Together we provide a clear Pinterest advertising strategy. Whether the goal is increased brand awareness, a product introduction or more website visitors: Young Metrics ensures a successful Pinterest campaign.

Young Metrics helps you build a relationship with your target group. The first impression is crucial for a healthy relationship and this is even more true with Pinterest. You therefore want to count on the right management and advertisements that score. Pinterest ads that fascinate and ensure that your target group feels understood and involved. Start a trial period today !


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