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A digital agency with more creative thinkers and youngsters in the digital world. We give the company a decisive advantage. We use our strategy to create growth and competitive advantage. The digital age offers opportunities for everyone.


To help great brands and influence people around the world by revolutionizing the way media buying. Each of our brands has its own vision, and that’s why our mission is to show that all our brands achieve their goals, big or small. That’s where our “young” minds play an important role, because we do what’s right for your customer (which also happens to be right for your business). In addition to providing innovative services and using proven methods, we give your customers that “aha, I found it” feeling when they encounter the marketing channels we helped you with.


To stimulate a new era of media buying. To influence everyone everywhere.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Specialized in Online Marketing, we are of course also on the largest social media network with almost 3,000,000,000 monthly users. Follow us for the latest news!

Instagram Marketing

After facebook, instagram is of course the place to promote a business. Almost every week we keep you informed with the latest news and the best tips to get the most out of your marketing.

YouTube Marketing

After facebook and instagram, we cannot forget YouTube. This is the place where references are sought, tutorials are given and of course a lot of online marketing takes place.

The old cliché story is present: it started in the attic and grew into a respected company in a few years. Young Metrics did not start as a large company, but as an idea in an attic room in the southernmost tip of the Netherlands (Heerlen).The first orders were won by hanging, strangling and a soft g – and via an existing network. This made it possible to continue developing and it even meant that Young Metrics had to look for a new location: The Hague –Rotterdam.

There is no way around it, online marketing is currently the largest and most effective form of marketing. Young Metrics currently consists of a team of econometricians, social media gurus and newcomers who have made the vision possible.

The number of monthly visitors to the website is growing, just like our conversion rate, infrastructure and work process.

We want to get the best out of ourselves and use that drive to get the most out of your company.



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we are increasing our achievements

Specialized in Online Marketing, we are of course also on the largest social media network with almost 3,000,000,000 monthly users. Follow us for the latest news!
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Email Marketer

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Content creation and creative designing has a great future with Young Metrics.

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Business Developer | Sales Manager

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