Over Carbon Car Perfume

Carbón Car Perfume started in 2021 with the mission to give car owners a unique scent experience; whether on the way home, on the way to work or on holiday. Your car is almost always with you, so why not give it an upgrade?

The challenge

The challenge lies in the fact that the product must be promoted as unisex. We want to appeal to both women and men and this will have to be done through a nice combination of shot content, text overlay & animation editing. If we can find a nice balance here, hopefully the result will eventually match and people will not only buy the scent of Carbon Car Perfume, but the entire experience.

Our purpose

Our goal that we try to achieve with the content for Carbon Car Perfume is that we want to convey an emotion instead of a product. People come to see themselves in the product because they want to commit to the charm and luxury of what the brand stands for. We want to promote the product through beautiful cars, luxurious scenes & beautiful people around the product. This also comes across with what the scents stand for (Road to success, inspired, relaxed).

Will you be the next to challenge us?

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