Over Peaky hats

We are an international and diverse team, working tirelessly to bring into your hands (or shall we say – onto your heads!) only the highest quality of products, at the most affordable prices, in the shortest amount of time.

The challenge

The challenge with peaky hats is to achieve a roas of at least 2 in the backend and preferably go towards 2.5. At the moment we are at approximately a roas of 2.5 in the backend. This campaign is built up based on email marketing and advertising via Google and Facebook. Most of the focus on advertising is on Facebook.


After a diagnosis, an action plan was set up:
The content. We deployed our content expert to see whether the content could be improved. Our content designer tested everything and a number of winners emerged. We still use these winners to this day.

The hard results

Will you be the next to challenge us?

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