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'Every woman is unique and beautiful, sweet and charming in her own way. Having her own preferences and weaknesses. We are all different, but women are undoubtedly united by one thing – the desire to be beautiful and, of course, to be kind to others.” L&C Fashion is a brand with Italian women's fashion. Due to COVID-19, the clothing brand had to look for a new source of income. Where? Online!

the challenge

A modern challenge that occurs in many companies. L&C Fashion wanted to seize its opportunities online through a webshop. In addition, the company also wanted to attract more sales through Google Ads. campaign. Last but not least, the client also had a specific request to create landing pages with personal stylist.

The process


Determine method & strategy

The design

Test phase


It result

Young Metrics has set up a new webshop for L&C Fashion that meets its specific wishes. In addition, there is a successful Google Ads. campaign was launched after specific landing pages were designed (as requested) exactly according to the customer's wishes.

Increase in conversion 88%
Website speed 92%
Minimalist design 100%

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